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Read the first story. Once upon a time, an Empress flees her burning castle to the nearby forest where she encounters a forest fairy. Ruri, now on the run, meets a samurai Tonosuke who decides to care for her. I really liked this! Princess Ruri, Hakobe the fairy, Tonosuke the ronin, this was the sort of story I wish was as old as it felt so I could share it with everyone. It would have fit in perfectly with my shelves of fairytale books when I was a child.

Some of the scenes are downright adorable, like when Hakobe is thrown to the snakes. I hope to read the next two stories, one about a girl detective and another about magic clouds, soon.

A bit of non-fiction this time! In fact, I found it eminently readable and interesting. This book focuses on the women that the Brothers Grimm collected the stories for their famous collections from. Valerie Paradiz has an engaging writing style, and I found the book moved swiftly when I had a moment to read.

I got excited every time they discovered a new treasure trove of story-telling sisters. She even tied some of it into the fairy-tales that made the brothers famous which was a pretty nice touch. This was a book that was around in my childhood I even chose to represent it with the cover I knew it by that I never read and often conflated with another story where a little girl finds an old dollhouse with dolls that move on their own.

In the one I mixed it up with, the girl refurbishes their dollhouse and gave me an untrue expectation of wallpaper sample availability. Amy is having a hard time at home, so she temporarily moves in with her Aunt Clare.

Until the dolls begin acting out the brutal murder of her great-grandparents. Even if Aunt Clare wants them to leave well enough alone. Ah, I loved this. It had me leaning in to read more, and I could almost hear the thunderstorm raging around in the scariest moment of the book. Her little sister Louann has brain damage and taking care of her is wearing Amy down, especially since she blames her sister for how other children avoid her after meeting Louann. She has her own interests and her own life going on, and is pretty essential to how the book plays out and not in a magical savant way.

The only problem with her part of the story I had is where Aunt Clare suddenly knows better than everyone else to help the niece that she just met. It felt unfair, narratively. That said, gosh, I like this book. Amy realizing she has friends, Amy discovering things, Amy being brave, the creepiness of the dolls. Found this book as a recommended other when I was purchasing The Dollhouse Murders.

They decide to pretend to be ghosts to bring more business and in the process wake up the real ghosts. The minor was whenever it would delve into referencing real things, like Harry Potter , or the Murder at the Vicarage it stood out like a sore thumb.

In fact, the Murder at the Vicarage scene, where a woman purchases the book, is overly long and makes no sense in the context of the story to even be there for that amount of space. Coupled with the fact that previously in the same scene there was a heavy bit of foreshadowing that is immediately forgotten by the rest of the book and never comes to pass, bits like that were just out of place.

I did like the characters, and for the most part the writing was an easy read. It was good for a little ghost story to read at three am. I was just trying to download my kindle library onto my new ipad when I got sick of babysitting the little bars and I clicked on a book at random. Later I surfaced, having read the entirety of To Sketch a Thief. Seen on the cover. A Bird Woman purchase butterflies, cocoons, moths and other product from the forest from Elnora.

She uses her earnings to buy books, paid for her tuition fees at school and buy clothes that she needs. Billy and her two sisters became friends of Elnora, she helped them and gave them food. Around The World In 80 Days. One day, some London bankers and circle of friends, Phileas Fogg, a wealthy bachelor gambles his 20, pounds bank deposit against a challenge that he can make to travel around the world for 80 days only.

His voyage starts on Oct. Phileas then traveled very rapidly using his money abundantly, thus acquire all the hindrance that comes in his way. On his journey in India, beautiful Aouda was rescued by Phileas from being burned together with his late prince husband. But the prince supporters go after them; luckily they arrived unharmed at Calcutta. John Rivers - the minister The Story: Young girl orphan Jane Eyre had an unhappy life while living with her aunt Mrs.

Soon she studied at Lowood School where she also worked hard to finished school. When she graduated, she was hired as governess of Adela Varens, an area of Mr. Edward Rochester, the owner of Thornfield Manor. With her stay at the manor, Jane recognized strange actions. Jane has luckily saved Mr. Rochester from being blaze alive when she smells a smoke at the manor. And there are times that she heard a harsh yell, and on the next morning, Rochester had wound on his shoulder and his arm was twist.

She then suspect that his wife made all of that. Jane finds time to visit her vanishing aunt and left the manor for a while. Her aunt gave her a letter from his uncle who wants to live them together at the Madeira.

But Jane refused the offer and chooses to go back to the manor.

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I Want to Pay Someone to Write my Book Report. Academized understand that one for sure. Writing book reports can be a long and tedious process, especially if you didn’t really like the book/5(19). This was a book that was around in my childhood (I even chose to represent it with the cover I knew it by) that I never read and often conflated with another story where a little girl finds an old dollhouse with dolls that move on their own.