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❶The discovery of X-ray has helped in diagnosis of a disease and in locating an injury or fracture.


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Article shared by. Free sample essay on Science in the Service of Man. We are living in an age of science. Miracles of science have changed our lives. The best of the comforts and luxuries that we have today are the contributions of science.

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Words Essay on Science in the Service of Man. Article shared by. The gifts of science can be felt in every walk of life. Its services to humanity are immiscible. Science and its wonders appear to be unalloyed blessing. It impacts can be felt in all spheres of life, namely health care, education, communications, agriculture, industry, etc.

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Science is the service of man in many terms such as in education, health, and technology. Education is an essential part of social system because it enables the young ones gain learning and proper training in order to engage to the problem that the communities are facing. Essays articles science service man? Homework helper singapore. od. @chomintraapes: the first person to post the essay questions will receive four .

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With the help of science man has made the best use of matter. This is the age of science. Science has been put to our day-to-day use. Related Articles: Essay on Uses and Abuses of Science. Science and Man Science has played an important role in this society. We know that man is a curious creature since in the beginning that God created him. Also, we know that God gave the man knowledge to rule over the Garden of Eden.